Chad Smith, a principal, is known for excellent leadership, wise decision making, and a deep care and concerns for students and teachers alike. A former entrepreneur who worked in telecommunications, finance, and business management, brings a unique approach to the world of education.

After a simple ankle reconstruction surgery went horribly wrong and nearly cost him his life, Chad Smith decided to take a new approach to life, which brought him to education. Chad has always have a deep understanding of the importance STEM Education, mainly due to his years of administrative roles. He saw first hand the need for stronger STEM skills to make any workforce stronger.

Chad was an Earth Science and Oceanography teacher at Baldwin Park High School and Fullerton High School before landing back at his Alma Mater, Tustin High. Chad returned to Tustin as an Earth Science teacher and ASB advisor. Here he coached Football, Basketball and Track. In 2007-2008, Chad became the Assistant Principal at Tustin High and has served in the Discipline office, Facilities office and as the Curriculum and Instruction AP. Chad developed and implemented several specialized programs including a STEM program, 1:1 notebook computer program, the online learning platform at THS, as well as expanded and enhanced Tustin High’s AVID program, ASB program and MUN program.

Chad Smith has been an integral part of the renaissance at Tustin High School. He championed the new bell schedule, prepared and implemented the THS Technology plan, introduced a tutorial period within the school day, developed and implemented the RtI program and the THS freshman academy. In 2009, Chad was named the ACSA Region 17 Co-Administrator of the year. Chad’s expertise in instructional technology, curriculum and specialized program development made him a perfect fit for South Hills High.

To further his own education, Chad is working towards his Doctorate in Education from the University of Southern California. His dissertation is focused on the commonly neglected phenomenon of “math anxiety.” By focusing his efforts here and gaining a broader understanding of math anxiety, Chad Smith hopes to once again open the United State’s STEM pipeline. He wants to excite students who show interest in STEM careers and give them the tools to succeed in pursuing them.