Building great school culture

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Building a school culture needs a lot of thought and maturity. Motivation is not an easy task as everyone around does not feel motivated by the same triggers. The academic culture is easier to build as it just requires an understanding of what kind of learning helps students academically. What kind of teachers a school has and how they can be used to help build the school culture is another important aspect.

When building a culture of academia most research points to one fact and that is to have teachers who share a common vision of what effective teaching is all about. If all the teachers share the same vision then fostering learning becomes that much easier throughout the school. The kind of expectation the school has about what effective teaching entails must be well defined so all teachers understand their role. The conditions for learning must be present throughout the school so that students and teachers lean towards effective learning and instructing.

Fostering a culture where the students and the teachers are both happy about being in the school is important. It helps children grow in an atmosphere where they feel they are part of something special. On the other hand the retention rate of teachers is higher when they feel they are an important part of the school. Teachers thrive in cultures where they feel that they are able to reach their full potential in the classroom and also develop professionally. Having a sense of pride in the school is important and that can be possible when the culture of the school steers clearly towards excellence and the goals are well known to all.

A school leader that is open to getting regular feedback from teachers and parents both can strengthen those elements of the school culture that foster positivity. It is important to also focus on those areas that might be hindering the school to reach its goal of excellence. It is important to identify the gaps and provide instructions about how those gaps can be capped. Take teachers, parents and even the students themselves on board gives clarity to the policy that is chalked out. Having conversations with teachers about where things are going wrong and what efforts are needed to bring about an effective change is important.

Building a great school culture stems from understanding the strengths and weaknesses of the school. A good idea is to make a step by step analysis of each area of the school that is not functioning according to the vision the school envisages. The culture should be such that it clearly defines quality as quality can mean different things to different people. A clear definition makes it easy for everyone in the school to get involved and have active participation in building that vision with quality. A clear definition of vision and quality shows the roadmap to achieving that aim whether it is in academics, sports or in artistic and performing arts that the students could be pursuing.


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