Importance of school branding

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Once used only by private institutions branding is now being used by almost all schools to showcase what they stand for. Branding represents the school to the community in a positive light if used in the right manner. Branding gives a school identity that is unique to it and which affects the perception of the school.

A school brand is important because it communicates what the school stands for and why. It gives a clear picture of the values it represents through its logo and mascot. A school can leverage the brand to add value to the school and generate awareness about its leanings and values. Branding also lets the world know the academic and athletic achievements of the school. The school brand has as much importance as the emblems of a country that provide insights about the culture and tradition that they represent.

A school brand acts like an adhesive that bonds the students and teachers in a common cause and helps to build an emotional attachment for the school. The school logo, the crest, the motto and colors used on school clothing encourages school spirit particularly when there competitions with other schools like athletics. It is a reminder to the students about the loyalty that is expected of them towards their school and the common cause that they are united for. Branding fosters positivity and encouragement

Today almost all schools offer outstanding education and the community can differentiate one from the other through the brand. The brand has to be well created so that it represents the values you want the school to stand for. Parents who come to the school for their children’s admission will recognize the school from the brand and the values it represents. Perhaps those are the very values that the parents are looking for to instil in their own children. The motto of the school is what will either impress the parents or turn them away to seek a school more aligned with their own thinking.

The world today is all about marketing and the school also needs to market itself so that it gets the admission numbers. A well-designed website that uses the school colors and logo can showcase the school to the world. Besides having a good design the website must be easy to use and up to date as that establishes a point of first contact with the school. A non-functional website will drive away prospective admissions as it gives a poor introduction to the school and its functioning.

Branding allows the children in the school to experience true camaraderie inside the school and provides them with a feeling of pride outside the school. It allows all stakeholders to feel that they have an important role to play in building the school towards excellence. Teachers feel they are an integral and important part of the school. A brand therefore defines both ownership and responsibility and each person attached to the school will care about how it is represented to the larger community.


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