Building Community-Schools Relationships (communityschools) Part 2

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The following list reflects community resources that could or currently partner with schools:

  • County Agencies and Bodies (Departments of Health, Mental Health, Children & Family Services, Public Social Services, Office of Education, Police & Fire Departments, Planning Area Councils, Recreation & Parks, Library, Housing Authority, etc.)
  • Municipal Agencies and Bodies (Parks & Recreation, library, courts, civic event units)
  • TSA, United Way, Lincoln Action Program, Mediation Center, clothing & food pantry, Visiting Nurses Association, Cancer Society, Red Cross, Salvation Army, volunteer agencies, Human Services Federation)
  • Service Clubs & Philanthropic Organizations (Lion’s Club, Rotary Club, veteran’s groups, Woods Charitable Fund, Lincoln Community Foundation, Southeast Community Foundation, Cooper Foundation, Community Services Fund, etc.)
  • Youth Agencies & Groups (Boys & Girls Clubs, scouts, 4-H, Cedars Youth Services, Child Advocacy Center, etc.)
  • Sports/Health/Fitness/Outdoor Groups (YMCA of Lincoln, Cornhusker Place, athletic leagues, local gyms, conservation associations, etc.)
  • Community-Based Organizations (Neighborhood and homeowners’ associations, Neighborhood Watch/Patrol, block clubs, housing project associations, economic development groups, community development corporations, civic associations)
  • Faith Community Institutions (The Lincoln Interfaith Council, Catholic Social Services, Lutheran Family Services, congregations and subgroups, etc.)
  • Ethnic Associations (Asian Community Center, Hispanic Community Center, Indian Center, Germans from Russia Society, etc.)
  • Artists and Cultural Institutions (Museums, art galleries, zoo, theater groups, TV & radio stations, literary clubs, art groups, writers’ organizations, collector’s groups)
  • Businesses/Corporations/Unions (Neighborhood business associations, Chamber of Commerce, Goodwill Industries, local shops, restaurants, banks, AAA, school employee unions)
  • Media (Local newspapers, TV & radio, local access cable)
  • Family Members, Local Residents, Senior Citizens Groups

Online Resources Relevant to School-Community Partnerships:

  • Building Coalitions
  • Center for Effective Collaboration and Practice
  • Center for Community Partnerships
  • community/articles/Center for Schools & Communities
  • Collaboration Framework-Addressing Community Capacity

Source: School-Community Partnerships: A Guide; U.S. Department of Health & Human Services, 2003


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